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Resources and Handouts for the Blog "Essential Strategies for Success in the Grant Money Game: Hot Tips for Grant Writing" by Nicole Bowman

Given the economy, government budget cuts, and highly competitive nature of grant writing, there is much less funding to go around today

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Focus Search - Researching Funds Developing a Project Proposal Concept Technical Grant Proposal Writing Evaluate, Submit, & Next Steps Phase 1: Research Understanding Funding Purposes & Requirements: Public, Private, Non-Profit & Foundation Sources Determining Eligibility for Funding & Other Strategies to Access Funds Organizational & Other Informational Needs to Gather Prior to Research Documenting Initiatives & Past Projects to Develop Realistic Funding Goals Conducting Broad Funding Research Scaling Down based on Organizational History, Alignment to Funder, & Other Prospect Research Finalizing your Strategic Funding Plan Implementing the Plan with Continual Support Phase 2: Development Conceptualize a Project Know Key Grant Terms Project Planning Forms & Processes Needs Assessment Document Review Resource Analysis Stakeholder Assessment Stakeholder Meetings Program Assessment Organizational Assessment Leveraging Past Initiatives, Success, & Partnerships to Advocate Support for a Proposal Identify Program Areas and Priorities based on Documented Data from Multiple Sources Developing Partners Estimate Capacity & Project Costs Phase 3: Technical Writing Technically Write up Concept into a Project Proposal Grant Writing Templates and Processes Prioritize Needs that are Supported by Data Develop Goals, Objectives, & Activities Determine Outcomes & Intended Impacts Develop a Management & Delivery Framework to Carry Out the Project Realistic Activities, Timelines, & Staffing Formatting Narrative & Attached Documents Create a Project Budget Letters of Support & Other Documentation Determine Submission Method & Preparation Phase 4: Evaluate & Submit Purposes of Evaluation Know Key Evaluation Terms & Definitions Designing a Project Evaluation Type & Method Using Evaluation Templates & Processes Creating a Realistic & Relevant Data Collection Plan Use of Internal & External Evaluation Methods Evaluation Scope & Costs Evaluation Reporting How Evaluation Strengthens Current Programming & Creates Future Funding Opportunities Final Submission of Grant (Electronic or Paper) Tracking Submission & Next Steps (Funded/Not Funded) Other Innovative Strategies for Success SECURING FUNDS IS A CONTINUOUS PROCESS Prepared by: N.R