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Eval16_Using Evaluation Tools, Methods, and Thinking in Planning NIH Common Fund Programs

Biomedical research programs address questions vital to expanding knowledge and improving health, but are resource intensive. Therefore, careful consideration of the existing research environment during program planning is needed. We present how a combination of methods grounded in evaluation...

Using Eval Tools Methods Thinking in Planning_AEA 10-29-2016.pdf

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External Consultants Roles in US Federal Government Evaluation Design and Capacity Building

Presented by Jennifer Hamilton, Senior Study Director, Westat and David Bernstein, Senior Study Director, Westat. Opinions are our own. The majority of US federal government evaluations are conducted by external evaluators. However, conducting evaluations is just one of the roles that external...

2016 Bernstein Hamilton Evaluation Contracting Final.pptx

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A Brief History of RCTs in Government and Politcs, Implications, and Concerns

Panel slides from a discussion of advocacy for the use of randomized controlled trials to determine federal program effectiveness since early in the Bush Administration through the present day. The presenter discusses the extent to which such advocacy has become bipartisan, as well as some...

Panel Slides - Rushing to Randomize.pdf

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Eval12 Session 909: Evaluating Federally-Funded Multi-Site Behavioral Health Programs: Methodological Approaches and Lessons Learned

This document includes the four presentations that were delivered in this panel on Federally-funded multi-site behavioral health evaluations that focused on (1) conceptual approaches and issues, (2) implementation and data collection, (3) data management, and (4) data analysis and reporting....

Eval12 Session 909 - Presented 10-27-12.pdf

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State Perspective on Developing National Outcomes and Indicators

This presentation was part of a panel sponsored by the Extension Education Evaluation TIG - reviews state Extension needs for a national set of indicators that we might all report against. #Evaluation2009 #Extension #Cooperative #federal #ExtensionEducationEvaluation

State Perspective on Developing National Outcomes and Indicators.ppt