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Eval12 Session 952: Evaluation Capacity 4.0 - Taking the Long View

Presentation Abstract: A key component of the Families Come First evaluation focuses on gathering data about women enrolled in Meta House, Inc., a residential substance abuse treatment program for women and children in Milwaukee, WI. Substantial evaluation capacity was in place prior to the project’s implementation, including a solid infrastructure and institutional support. Meta House, Inc. has an experienced internal evaluation department, an established partnership with an external evaluation team, and existing expertise in collecting client-level data. The agency has a management team that values and utilizes evaluation data and has made an ongoing fiscal commitment to evaluation work. However, critical upcoming transitions in the agency’s executive leadership and the treatment funding context are prompting its internal evaluation department and external evaluation partners to prepare to capitalize on these strengths, highlight the relevance of evaluation to the agency’s future, and further embed evaluation in the agency’s culture of organizational learning

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Eval11 Session 492: Evaluators and Institution Researchers Working Together to Understand Student Success in Learning Communities

This paper discusses how external evaluators can work with IR to provide a deeper understanding of program successes and challenges in improving retention. We will present a case study of an evaluation of learning communities (LC) in two community colleges

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Focus Search - Looking Long‐Term: How to Utilize a Decade of Applied Epidemiology  Fellowship Data to Evaluate Effectiveness  American Evaluation Association Annual Conference 2013 – October 2013              Background  The CDC/CSTE Applied Epidemiology Fellowship  (AEF) was created in 2003 to strengthen the  workforce in applied epidemiology at state and  local health agencies.