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Eval12 Session 191: Distributed Evaluation - Benefits and Challenges of Cross-Organization Collaborations

Both projects involve a team of evaluators from multiple organizations working together to create a shared vision for the study, finding the best online tools to facilitate collaborative work, cooperatively defining and refining coding categories, coordinating multiple coders within the same NVivo project, and orchestrating reporting to various stakeholders

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Focus Search - Authors  from   VSA  and  the  project  team  are  currently   conducting  analyses  in  order  to  produce  papers   to  share  with  the  field.  In  the  next  phase  of  the   project,  the  BISE  team  will  release  a  coded  NVivo   database  and  update  the  tags  on  so  that  others  can  conduct   their  own  analyses.