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Eval12 Session 229: Redefining the Role of Evaluation Managers to Foster Improved Evaluation Quality and Use

Based on experiences from Pact’s work in South Africa, this paper examines emerging evidence and lessons on a redefined role for evaluation managers. In this approach, evaluation manager play a brokering role which aims to reduce these power differentials and develop a common understanding of evaluation to support dialog within an environment where evaluation is required to be undertaken by independent, external evaluators


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The Use of Community Discussion Groups to Gauge Cluster Cohesion and Action

Clusters are often self-defining entities, especially in situations where they are at a nascent or developing phase. This poses certain challenges for the evaluator in determining the strength and even material substance of the cluster. As a means of assessing cluster cohesion, community...

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43. Applied Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit analysis

Materials for our 3-hour workshop on using cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis in evaluation. #TeachingofEvaluation #cost-inclusive #2009Conference #HumanServicesEvaluation #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics #HowTo #evaluation

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Focus Search - For the option you are assigned, use the numbers on the attached page to calculate the number(s) each decision-maker needs. 105Thursday, November 12, 2009 Option 1 You are a manager of a county agency charged with health promotion

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Eval14: What are the characteristics of criteria? Investigating the requirements for defensible evaluation (AEA 2014 Session 10016)

This handout relates to my presentation at AEA 2014. It includes a set of draft ‘criteria for developing criteria’, with particular reference to public sector evaluations. The criteria derive from analysis of a survey completed as the first stage of a broader research project aimed at...


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Pivot to Peace: A Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Collaborative Evaluation Design

Pivot to Peace is a hospital-based violence intervention program that serves patients ages 18-34 who are treated for gunshot/stab wounds at University of Louisville Hospital. Participants reside in one of nine high violence/crime West Louisville neighborhoods. An emergency room community health...

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Eval13: Multipaper Session 252 - Developmental Evaluation from the Outside: An External Consultant's Perspective

Paper presentation at AEA 2013 Conference. ABSTRACT: Developmental Evaluation (DE) requires the evaluator to assume a relatively new and unique role when compared to more traditional evaluation approaches. The DE role encompasses far more than the basics of data collection and analysis; the...

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Focus Search - For instance, we found ourselves spending the large majority of our time coaching the Project Manager on how to plan and implement the intervention, rather than focusing on the evaluation itself