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Besa Working Paper 1: Effectiveness Assessment Tool Overview

This overview provides an introduction to the Effectiveness Assessment Tool for High Performance Social Change Organizations. The tool is used to analyze the degree to which an agency has aligned their formal and informal operating environment with change as mission critical in order to identify ways to maximize agency effectiveness. The tool is particularly relevant to individuals and organizations seeking to build evaluation capacity, enhance evaluation use, foster organizational learning and pursue organizational change

Besa Working Paper 1 Effectiveness Assessment Tool Overview.pdf

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Cost-Inclusive Evaluation: Examples from Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

In addition, you will understand the basic tools for conducting and using several forms of cost-inclusive evaluation in your program and in your decisions" #costinclusiveevaluation #cost-effectiveness #cost-benefit

AEA 2015 presentation.pdf

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Teaching-Learning Model Development in Nursing for the Elderly by Co-operative Learning and Learning Facilitator's Competence based on Knowledge Management in BS Nursing Students.

The purpose of this research was to develop and investigate the effectiveness of the co-operative learning and learning facilitator's competence based on knowledge management construction model. The researchers (Assist.Prof.Cathareeya Rattanawimol, Intira Pakanta, and others, Faculty of Nursing,...