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Eval11 Session 449: Performance Management in Action: A National Measurement System for Early Childhood Outcomes

Presentation slides and handouts for conference session with the following abstract: In response to the federal push for results-based performance indicators, the U.S. Department of Education undertook the development of a national outcomes measurement system for early childhood programs...

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Focus Search - Outcomes for Children Served through IDEA’s Early Childhood Programs Part C—Early Intervention, 2009–10 Knowledge and Skills Action to meet needs Showed greater than 71% 74% 76% Exited the program within age expectations 62% 54% 60% Part B Preschool—Early Childhood Special Education, 2009–10 Showed greater than expected growth 83% 82% 82% Exited the program within age expectations 59% 52% 67% expected growth Note: Data for Part C are based on 29 states weighted to represent the nation