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Aye Aye Captain: Navigating Evaluation Data Collection as an External Evaluation Consultant

This presentation explored data collection issues faced by external evaluators (contractors) to meet evaluation design and data collection needs, including: • the challenge of meeting client needs that are not always fully conveyed in requests for proposal (RFP) or Question and Answer interactions; • ensuring validity when cost/time limitations may allow limited instrument pre-testing; • addressing Institutional Review Board (IRB) issues; and • working with federal government evaluators to fulfill US Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) reviews; topics will include the structure of the review process and types of information needed and the complications introduced by time and resource constraints

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Eval11 Session 253: Data and Information Visualization Throughout the Evaluation Life Cycle

In the data collection stage, evaluators can use creative visuals to improve stakeholder understanding of and participation in data collection, and evaluators can adhere to good design principles to create effective data collection instruments

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Eval11 Session 920: Using Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) for Designing a Data Collection System in the Field

This is a particularly useful way to establish rapport with participants and to ensure safe, secure data collection of sensitive information

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Eval12 Session 562: Using Nominal Group Technique for Data Gathering, Prioritizing, and Decision Making

NGT has many uses, including data collection, prioritization, facilitating decision making, building consensus, cross-cultural applications, and other innovative uses

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Data Seeking Data: Using what you have to get what you want

Learn how evaluators from the Improve Group, Inc. have used survey and program data in focus group and interview settings to engage participants in the data collection process in a meaningful way and answer evaluation questions

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