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Eval14: Developing a Curriculum Implementation Assessment to Examine Model Fidelity

Power point presentation given at the AEA 2014 Conference in Denver, Colorado, on October 17, 2014. A fundamental need of programs that utilize a standard curriculum is to assess whether or not the curriculum is delivered with fidelity to the intended model. Informed by implementation science,...

Developing a Curriculum Implementation Assessment to Examine Model Fidelity_10-17-2014.pdf

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Eval13: Panel Session 89 - Using a Program-Theory Model to Create a Curriculum Rubric, Assess Leadership and Inform a Theory of Change

This panel looks at how a program-theory model has been developed and used in an evaluation of an initiative designed to transform schools by assisting high schools in the development of 12th-grade capstone courses in math and science. We highlight the program model from which we have designed a...

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Eval12 Session 691: Learning More From Teacher Logs - An Example From the NASA Explorer Schools Evaluation

2012 AEA Conference Presentation Session Title: Measuring Implementation of Curriculum, Materials, and Content Knowledge Description: Using teacher logs to measure program implementation and report in real time. RJ de la Cruz Sarah Sahni Alina Martinez Presentation Abstract: The NASA...