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Eval12 Session 688: Comprehensive Perspectives for State Partnerships (all presentations represented)

Panel Presentation Abstract: In their most recent cooperative agreement, the National Asthma Control Program (NACP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has required that their state partners collaborate with partnerships and use evaluation to facilitate, document, and sustain the gains of these partnerships

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Focus Search - Perkins, PhD Scimetrika Contractor National Asthma Control Program American Evaluation Association October 26, 2012 National Center for Environmental Health National Asthma Control Program/Evaluation Technical Assistance We live and die by our partnerships -State Asthma Partner, 10/09/12 Benefits of Partnerships in Chronic Disease Initiatives  Increase presence due to funding and health policy • (Alter and Hage, 1993; Zuckerman, Kaluzny, & Ricketts, 1995)  Greater access to specialized resources • (American College of Chest Physicians, 2006)  Successful at delivering complex ecological approach • Hingson, Zakocs, Winter, Rosenbloom & DeJong, 2005; Snell-Johns et al., 2003, CADCA National Coalition Institute, 2010  Evaluation pivotal to effectiveness and sustainability of chronic disease partnerships • Butterfoss, 2009 UTILITY OF EVALUATION IN PARTNERSHIP Why use evaluation?