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Performance Evaluation as a Distinct Hybrid Form of Research Methods

This includes two meta-data issues: Process Management ((the method of the “business process”) includes the management using participatory evaluation of a process-based chain of events leading to desired outcome(s)) and Research Metrics (a solid grounding in the “facts” about whether there is progress towards desired goals)

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Guide to Comparing Business Tax Policies, June 2013

The report by Idaho’s legislative Office of Performance Evaluations (OPE) helps policymakers to navigate through complex tax policy issues by asking the right kinds of questions early in the legislative process and to more thoroughly understand how nontax factors play a part in forging appropriate tax policy alternatives

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Handouts from our seven table leaders for the ninth edition of our Speed-Geeking session: How to Use Sub-Contractors and How to be a Useful Subcontractor: Jennifer Dewey Branding for the Independent Consultant: Stephanie Evergreen Cash Flow Planning: Tamara Hamai Networking Strategies...

2016 Meet the Pro's full combined.pdf

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Eval 2016 Presentation: Independent Consultants' Interests and Concerns

This is one of three presentations given at Eval 2016 based on data from the Topical Interest Group 2015 Decennial Survey. The presentation gives a glimpse of independent consultants' interests and concerns about business growth and start up. It also includes suggestions provided by survey...

IC TIG Survey_Interests & Concerns_NM_102816.ppsx

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Farmbook and 5 SKills Set: Approaches for training, Agribusiness and M&E

Describes how Catholic Relief Services uses ICT to support farmers in the field through building farm agents' capacity in the 5 skills to supporting farmer organizations in understand their costs, loans needs, and profits through Farmbook. #5SkillsSet #CatholicReliefServices #Agriculture ...

Farmbook AEA Presentation.pdf

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2012 Treasurer's Report

The 2012 Treasurer's Report on the financial status, audit, and financial policies of the American Evaluation Association. For the Business Meeting. #2012Conference #AEAHistory #businessmeeting #TreasurerReport

2012 Treasurer's Report to Business Meeting d.pdf

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Eval11 Treasurer Report: Business Meeting 2011

Treasurer's Report for the AEA Business Meeting convened at Evaluation 2011 #TreasurersReporttoBusinessmeeting #2011Conference

AEA 2011 Treasurer's Report to Business Meeting b16.pdf