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Eval12 Poster 135: Participatory Action Evaluation: Using Non-Traditional Media for Data Gathering and Capacity Building

Participatory action evaluation (PAE) applies participatory action research techniques and empowerment evaluation in the pursuit of evaluative data and capacity building. PAE uses non-traditional media such as participatory photography, participatory video, metaphor drawing, dramatic...

pae poster.pdf

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Eval12 Session 344: From Thinking Evaluatively to Acting Evaluatively

Presentation provides overview of the session, the process for 'Thinking Evaluatively' and the steps involved. The problem of childhood obestiy is used to demonstrate use of the tools, including stakeholder analysis and action oriented strategy mapping. #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation ...

2012 10 25 AEA Thinking to Acting Evaluatively Presentation to Post on AEA.pdf