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Eval12 Session 502: So You Want to Be a Systems Thinker?

PPT presentation and accompanying material for Panel Session 502: So you Want to Be a Systems Thinker? Introducing Systems Thinking into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Learning Evaluations: Challenges and Successes Associated with Introducing Systems Concepts to an...

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Eval10 Session 283: Using the Cynefin Framework in Evaluation Planning: A Case Example

This paper provides a case study of the use of the Cynefin framework in evaluation planning. The Cynefin framework is a systems thinking tool that can be used to describe evaluation situations. The framework describes four types of dynamics and corresponding types of inquiry. The paper...

Cynefin Case Example aea2010.pdf

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Evaluation Questions to Systems Methods

The powerpoint and background material for the session entitled Fitting the Key to the Lock. It includes the powerpoint, the full set of handouts plus one page descriptions of the methods. The questions themselves are a work in progress and feedback very welcome #complex #Systems ...

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