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Evaluation rubrics: how to ensure transparent and clear assessment that respects diverse lines of evidence

The evaluation process incorporated the use of a logic model to identify boundaries. It also featured the use of rubrics, to make evaluative judgements – their use supported robust data collection and framed analysis and reporting. The evaluation used a mixed-methods approach, which included qualitative and quantitative survey data as well as existing project data, which helped build up a rich evidential picture

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Eval 2016 Presentation: Independent Consultants' Interests and Concerns

This is one of three presentations given at Eval 2016 based on data from the Topical Interest Group 2015 Decennial Survey. The presentation gives a glimpse of independent consultants' interests and concerns about business growth and start up. It also includes suggestions provided by survey...

IC TIG Survey_Interests & Concerns_NM_102816.ppsx