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Roundtable Presentation-Responsive Indigenous Evaluation: A Cultural & Contextual Framework to Use in Indian Country

Participants will: 1) Learn about culturally responsive indigenous evaluation (CRIE) and the major theories, research, and policies informing it 2) Become aware of the multiple contexts of CRIE 3) Learn about CRIE skills and competencies 4) Discuss practical applications of CRIE using case study examples 5) Reflect about professional experiences with/similar to CRIE 6) Deliberate about the strengths, gaps, and capacities of CRIE 7) Communicate professional needs and resources sought for strengthening their CRIE practices 8) Obtain new reference materials and professional networks to support future CRIE efforts #AEA2014Conference #eval14 #RoundtablePresentationDocuments #NickyBowman #CaroleeDodgeFrancis #ResponsiveIndigenousEvaluationACulturalContextualFrameworktoUseinIndianCountry #2014Conference

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Focus Search - White & Guy Senese Section 4) Claiming New Territories of CRE: Culturally Specific Methods, Approaches, and Ecologies 1) Update on Culturally Responsive Evaluation: Responsibilities, Relationships, and Relevance in Complex Global and Local Ecologies-A Transformative Framework for Culturally Responsive Evaluation / Donna Mertens and Heather Zimmerman 2) Being Culturally Responsive Through Kaupapa Māori Evaluation / Fiona Cram, Nan Wehipeihana, Vivienne Kennedy, Kataraina Pipi & Kirimatao Paipa 3) Responsive Indigenous Evaluation: A Cultural & Contextual Framework for Indian Country / Nicole R

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Eval 2016 Presentation: Exploring Essentials of Culturally Responsive Evaluation Design Among Independent Consultants

How "cultural responsiveness" is defined and addressed in an independent consulting practice has personal, professional, and business repercussions. This presentation touches on matters to address in evaluation design and program delivery intended to be culturally responsive

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Focus Search - Later, we’ll each give personal philosphy/guidelines we use as a basis for our work relative to culturally responsive evaluation