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Barking up a Better Tree panel: Wed, Oct 26, 2016 (04:30 PM - 06:00 PM) : M104

PhD Despite the increasing focus on impact evaluation, especially in international development, evaluations rarely look at the longer-term impact of evaluations but report on the achievement of shorter-term outcomes. This session makes the case for designing and investing in evaluations that look at whether the intended impacts are achieved and sustained in the long-term and what other impacts (unexpected or adaptive) emerge over time

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#eval14 Presentation #69:When do we Value Participant Voices for Sustained Impact? Now!

The lack of ex-post (post-project) evaluation speaks to both the inflexibility and lack of transparency of international aid, but also that not knowing the long-term ability of communities to sustain the outcomes or self-sustain the activities themselves limits successful future programming. We are best served by building IATI into our programming (open-data), using national evaluators, supporting community evaluation of our projects long-term impacts


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Using Google Wave for Improved Communication with Colleagues and Stakeholders Handout

In this webinar, Stephanie Evergreen will demonstrate its usefulness in the daily life of an evaluator, through a detailed tour of how this free product has improved the quality of interactions with colleagues and stakeholders