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Barking up a Better Tree panel: Wed, Oct 26, 2016 (04:30 PM - 06:00 PM) : M104

A joint presentation by Jindra Cekan PhD, Beatrice Lorge Rogers PhD, Patricia Rogers PhD, and Laurie Zivetz. PhD Despite the increasing focus on impact evaluation, especially in international development, evaluations rarely look at the longer-term impact of evaluations but report on the...

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#eval14 Presentation #69:When do we Value Participant Voices for Sustained Impact? Now!

The lack of ex-post (post-project) evaluation speaks to both the inflexibility and lack of transparency of international aid, but also that not knowing the long-term ability of communities to sustain the outcomes or self-sustain the activities themselves limits successful future programming. We...


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Evaluation Post Mortems: Dissect what went right or wrong and learn from it!

PPT and Document overviewing how to incorporate Post Mortem analyses into evaluation to better understand what went right and wrong. #Instruments #HowTo #IndependentConsulting #2010Conference #Mortem #Post

Evaluation Post Mortems.pptx

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Synthesis of Literature relative to the Retrospective Pretest Design

Paper prepared for a Panel Presentation at the 2005 AEA Conference, Toronto, Canada; Oct 29, 2005. Session Title: More on Retrospective Pretest: Developing a Taxonomy of Best Practice Uses. This review was undertaken to examine the published literature relative to the retrospective pretest...