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Eval 2016 Presentation: Taking Most Significant Change Further

This session discussed pairing Most Significant Change (MSC) with Participatory Video (PV). The file contains slides from the presentation as well as links to video reports about the process from the Mandela Washington Fellowship's PV/MSC evaluation, as well as links to further resources

AEA 2016 MSC presentation.pdf

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Eval12 Session 766: Participatory Evaluation in Global Youth Projects - Successes and Challenges in Storytelling Methodologies

Soledad Muniz of InsightShare and Kristina Pearson of Village Earth discuss their successes and challenges in implementing participatory evaluations for youth, using participatory video and variations on Most Significant Change to encourage youth to tell their own stories. Two examples—of InsightShare's participatory video monitoring project in Guatemala and Village Earth's oral storytelling evaluation in Romania and Moldova—show that evaluators do not need to compromise rigor in order to get rich qualitative data that speak to the effects of programs on youth, their attitudes and behaviors, and their communities

Participatory storytelling_MSC_video eval for youth projects.pdf

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Evaluating Student Uses of Screencasts

Results of initial usability tests of students using the LearnChemE screencasts. Available at Mark Werner and Katherine Allison University of Colorado Boulder #ParticipatoryDesign #GraduateStudentandNewEvaluators #2014Conference #Screencasts ...

WernerAllisonUsability Study Presentation (1).pdf

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Involving Youth in Evaluating the Youth Engagement Initiative

Youth Participatory Evaluation: Setting the State for Youth Program Evaluation in the 21st Century Part II presentation for AEA Conference 2013. #YouthParticipatoryEvaluationSettingtheStateforYouthProgramEvaluationptII #YouthFocusedEvaluation #2013Conference

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Focus Search - The research culminated in the development of, “a website, video, several public service announcements that aired on television and online and an interactive youth-focused workshop that they have presented at various schools and conferences to over 500 peers,” (2011:293)