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Measuring Inspiration: Planning for NASA Education's Performance Measurment and Evaluation

Authors:Dr. Patricia Moore Shaffer, Evaluation Manager- Office of Education Infrastructure Division-National Aeronautics and Space Administration, patricia.a.shaffer@nasa.govDr. Vivian W. Whitney, Senior Director Program Evaluation - Ohio Aerospace Institute,; Office of...


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Eval11 Session 396: A Logic model framework for evaluation of a multi-site caregiver training program

funded in 2009 for a three year period at...of Arkansas for the purpose of training...caregivers for elderly in their homes. The...present new challenges for evaluation

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Focus Search - for elderly and their families Economy

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Eval11 Session 742: Using an Evaluation Logic Model to Drive Integration of Statewide Initiatives

Calls for integrating academic

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Focus Search - capacity building for MTSSS, we measure it as