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Besa Working Paper 1: Effectiveness Assessment Tool Overview

This overview provides an introduction to the Effectiveness Assessment Tool for High Performance Social Change Organizations. The tool is used to analyze the degree to which an agency has aligned their formal and informal operating environment with change as mission critical in order to identify ways to maximize agency effectiveness. The tool is particularly relevant to individuals and organizations seeking to build evaluation capacity, enhance evaluation use, foster organizational learning and pursue organizational change

Besa Working Paper 1 Effectiveness Assessment Tool Overview.pdf

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884 - Evaluative Tools for Articulating & Monitoring Foundation Strategy

The presenter will introduce an evaluative tool (or collection of tools) that his/her foundation has developed to achieve one or more of the following objectives: 1) articulate the hypothesized causal connections between resource deployment and goal achievement to board members and others; 2) monitor progress toward goal achievement; 3) identify areas in which further evaluative work is needed. The presenter will demonstrate how the tool (or collection of tools) is used to achieve the objective(s) for a single strategy, the strengths and weaknesses of the tool, and how other Foundations can use the tool

AEA09strategy tools_final.ppt

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Addressing the Challenges of Systems Change Evaluation: Tools for Assessment

Meta-evaluation information will be used to identify the kinds of changes that occur when systems change efforts have been successful.Finally, efforts to assess within the context of ongoing systems change evaluation projects are discussed, and the use of a new assessment tool is introduced

AEA systems change 11 08 09.doc

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Eval16_Using Evaluation Tools, Methods, and Thinking in Planning NIH Common Fund Programs

Biomedical research programs address questions vital to expanding knowledge and improving health, but are resource intensive. Therefore, careful consideration of the existing research environment during program planning is needed. We present how a combination of methods grounded in evaluation...

Using Eval Tools Methods Thinking in Planning_AEA 10-29-2016.pdf

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Session 2090: Real Time Evaluation: Tips, Tools, and Tricks of the Trade

This Ignite talk is based on Innovation Network’s experiences with facilitating real time evaluation in health policy settings, and will introduce AEA participants to three tools that can be used as part of any evaluator’s real time evaluation toolbox: surveys, H-forms, and timelines. Yuqi Wang from Innovation Network will provide an overview of each tool; show how these tools can aid data collection, analysis, and communication of findings in real time; and lessons learned from Innovation Network’s experiences with these three tools during the evaluation process