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Ethics Sessions at Evaluation 2009

List of Sessions with Ethics Focus at Evaluation 2009 developed by the AEA Ethics Committee. #Communications #Evaluation2009 #Ethics #Communications #2009Conference

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Eval11 Session 765: Predicament and Promise: The Internal Evaluator as Ethical Leader

Internal evaluators encounter risks but also significant opportunities to strengthen organizational and professional ethics. Potential contributions depend, in part, on the conjunction of ethics and evaluation in the role of the internal evaluator as the person specially commissioned to investigate value and render judgment based on evidence gathered. At the same time, risks increase when evaluation and ethics are brought together

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Focus Search - Putting Ethics in Its Place Ethics is often considered synonymous with morals or values, but distinguishing these concepts can shed light on the unique and powerful relationship between evaluation and ethics

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SI11 Session 17: Transformative Mixed Methods Evaluations

Handout from session at 2011 AEA/CDC Summer Evaluation Institute Session Description: This workshop focuses on the methodological and contextual considerations in designing and conducting transformative mixed methods evaluation. It is geared to meet the needs of evaluators working in...

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Focus Search - Ginsberg (Eds), Handbook of ethics for research in the social sciences

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Roundtable Presentation-Responsive Indigenous Evaluation: A Cultural & Contextual Framework to Use in Indian Country

Participants will: 1) Learn about culturally responsive indigenous evaluation (CRIE) and the major theories, research, and policies informing it 2) Become aware of the multiple contexts of CRIE 3) Learn about CRIE skills and competencies 4) Discuss practical applications of CRIE using case...

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Focus Search - What are your experiences with ethics, IRB, etc. and projects that include Indigenous participants and stakeholders?

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Example Program Evaluation Course Syllabus

Description of the Course: This course will provide an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of program evaluation in education and other institutional settings. Evaluation models will also be examined. The course will study programs ranging from individual lessons to nationwide...

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Eval11 Session 760: Starting Cost-Inclusive Evaluation

Participants learn the basics of four common, alternative strategies for modeling, evaluating, managing, and systematically improving key relationships between resources consumed and outcomes produced in health and human service: cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis,...

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Eval11 Session 229: How program evaluation standards are put into professional practice. Development of an action theory for evaluation policy and research on evaluation

The Program Evaluation Standards, issued by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, aim to enhance the quality of the professional practice of evaluation. However, three decades and two major revisions after publication of their first edition, little is known beyond...

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