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Quick Guide to DIY Data Viz Tools for Nonprofits

This guide accompanied the demonstration session “Nonprofit? No money? No worries, interactive reporting and data viz is still possible!” presented at the 2016 AEA annual conference. Included: A menu of low-cost/no-cost data viz tools; a review of their pricing plans; a look at their best...

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Bibliometrics: a Key Performance Indicator in Assessing the Influence of Biomedical Research

Bibliometrics, a quantitative evaluation of publication and citation data, is one type of indicator of productivity, influence, collaboration, and reach of scientific programs. Using research publications from programs funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Common Fund, this...

AEA 2016 Bibliometrics Poster.pdf

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Eval16_Using Evaluation Tools, Methods, and Thinking in Planning NIH Common Fund Programs

Biomedical research programs address questions vital to expanding knowledge and improving health, but are resource intensive. Therefore, careful consideration of the existing research environment during program planning is needed. We present how a combination of methods grounded in evaluation...

Using Eval Tools Methods Thinking in Planning_AEA 10-29-2016.pdf

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Building Evaluation Capacity for Prescription Opioid Overdose Prevention: Lessons From a Multi-state Initiative

AEA 2016 session Building Evaluation Capacity for Prescription Opioid Overdose Prevention: Lessons From a Multi-state Initiative #2016Conference #Eval16

AEA 2016 building eval capacity.pptx

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Eval 16: Using the Evaluation Capacity Diagnostic

Organizations conducting evaluation are in a better position to learn about their work and make data-informed decisions if they first understand their own capacity to evaluate. Informing Change developed the Evaluation Capacity Diagnostic Tool to both right-size an evaluation design as well as...

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Eval 16: Tackling Design Challenges for Collaborative, Network and Collective Impact Evaluations

In this handout, we outline some of the different types of collaborative initiatives, an example for each and accompanying challenges and discussion questions for each. #2016Conference #Eval16

Designing Evaluations for Collaboratives - Handout.pdf

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Fix your RFP

Your RFP for evaluation services is terrible. You can fix it. Public Profit's guide on improving RFPs. #Eval16 #2016Conference

Public Profit Evaluation RFP Guide.pdf

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Evaluate the Evaluator

Diagnostic tool developed by Public Profit to help organizations determine current capacity around evaluation. #2016Conference #Eval16


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Evaluator as Coach

Practical tips from Public Profit for evaluation capacity building #Eval16 #2016Conference

1_Evaluator as Coach Handout.pdf