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Eval2015 Session 2790: Reciprocity in Research: Using a Social Justice Framework to Balance Evaluator and Community Needs

Working with vulnerable populations raises questions of reciprocity: as evaluators, we acquire information from communities, but what are we giving back? In this session, the presenter will demonstrate how a community consultation was structured in a way that not only collected data from...

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Eval14_Consenting (Not) to Participate

Evaluation 2014 Conference presentation (Youth-Led Evaluation TIG) on ethical issues in evaluation with young people. #Ethics #Youth #children #YouthFocusedEvaluation #2014Conference #HowTo #Instruments #informedconsent


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Eval11 Session 765: Predicament and Promise: The Internal Evaluator as Ethical Leader

Internal evaluators encounter risks but also significant opportunities to strengthen organizational and professional ethics. Potential contributions depend, in part, on the conjunction of ethics and evaluation in the role of the internal evaluator as the person specially commissioned to...

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Eval11: Sessions Related to Ethics

Ethics sessions at Evaluation 2011 compiled by the Ethics Section of the Values Team. #Ethics #2011Conference


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Eval10 Session 734: Teaching Ethics in Evaluation

This is part of the larger Teaching Evaluation demonstration session that covered many topics in teaching evaluation at AEA 2010 on Saturday, November 13. This particular topic is on teaching ethics in evaluation, using Morris' 2008 text, Evaluation Ethics for Best Practice: Cases and...

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"You Want Me to Do WHAT? Evaluators and the Pressure to Misrepresent Findings" -- Michael Morris

Paper presented at Evaluation 2009, Session 313: How We Work: Studies of Evaluation Practice. This paper reports the results of a survey of a random sample of AEA members (N = 940) in which respondents describe their experiences with being pressured to misrepresent evaluation findings. ...

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Ethics Sessions at Evaluation 2009

List of Sessions with Ethics Focus at Evaluation 2009 developed by the AEA Ethics Committee. #Communications #Evaluation2009 #Ethics #Communications #2009Conference

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Ethics Sessions Listing from the 2008 AEA Annual Conference

Ethics Sessions Listing from the 2008 AEA Annual Conference, compiled by the 2008 AEA Ethics Committee. #Ethics #Conference

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