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Eval10 Session 755: Data Dashboard Design for Quality Monitoring and Decision Making

While the business intelligence industry has excelled in generating robust technologies that are able to handle huge repositories of data, little progress has been made in turning that data into knowledge. Data dashboards represent the most recent attempt at turning data into actionable...

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Session 462 (Federal Policy and Performance Managment) - presentation by Baum and Gluck

This paper presents a framework for federal program staff to rate the quality and reliability of the data they report on performance. The basis for this is OMB Circular A-11 #Performance #GovernmentEvaluation #Quality #Data #2009Conference #Evaluation2009

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Creating Cross-Agency Longitudinal Datasets for Education Research

The purpose of these materials is to improve researchers’ ability to construct high-quality longitudinal, cross-agency datasets to answer policy and research questions. The materials suggest strategies for obtaining and securing personally identifiable information, merging datasets without common identifiers, and overcoming common data quality issues with longitudinal datasets

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Focus Search - Department of Education’s Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) offers up to date guidance and free training modules Guidance from the Data Quality Campaign on FERPA compliance from a policymaker’s view Specific guidance for disclosure avoidance Information & Resources for DATA LINKING Steps for designing your own identity resolution software · Identify what data elements you have to match (SSN, name, address, etc) · Define the Exact and “Fuzzy” matching criteria

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Eval11 Session 704: Healthy Eating and Active Living Survey Data Collection in the School Setting from Students – Response Rates, Data Quality, and Lessons Learned

One school jurisdiction chose the online medium and was not able to provide in-kind support, which resulted in poor response rate and data quality. The findings suggested that support from school stakeholders to facilitate survey data collection was the key factor for good response rate and data quality, not survey media

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Eval10 Session 224: A Strategic Planning Case Study: Implementing a Data Dashboard for a Nonprofit Board’s Self-Evaluation, Monitoring, and Evidence-based Decision Making

Finally, we created practices and protocols to sustain data quality, use, and accuracy. The dashboard rollout represented a successful strategic planning initiative that 1) resulted in improved management and board partnership and 2) increased the quality of management’s and board’s self-evaluation, monitoring, and evidence-based decision making

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Eval12 Session 277: Growing a Backbone: Place-based Work and Collective Impact

Abstract: Recent work by the Foundation Strategies Group on “collective impact” has been getting a great deal of attention in philanthropic, government and nonprofit arenas. This panel will present three different evaluations of projects in Grand Rapids, Michigan that are applying the collective...

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