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Eval11 Session 739: The Value of Adding Complex Problems to Support Collaborative Learning At the United States Army Command Sergeants Major Development

The purpose of the Army School for Command Preparation (SCP) - Tactical Commander Development Program is to instruct new Brigade and Battalion Commanders in leadership and tactical skills prior to taking over a new command. In the past a Pre - Post Course Survey using nominal 1 - 5 item...

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Focus Search - Research Question Values Purpose Improved ability of Command Sergeants Major to accomplish their Commander’s mission The Command Sergeant Major (CSM) is the “senior soldier” of their assigned command team and advisor to their Commander for all matters concerning conduct, performance, and morale of the unit Brigade or Battalion CSMs attend the Command Sergeants Major Development Program (CSMDP) an educational course CSMDP faculty and CSMs lacked personal experience with certain contemporary battlefield conditions and situations – limiting learning in the forum style adult-centered collaborative classroom CSMDP included pre-constructed complex problems to balance experiential deficiencies Intro to Problem Research Method Instructor responses from After Action Reviews CSM comments from daily reflective journal entries Linda Lynch PhD, CSM Joe Parsons 2011 * The Value of Adding Complex Problems to Support Collaborative Learning at the US Army Command Sergeants Major Development Program   What values resulted from adding pre-constructed complex problems to the Command Sergeants Major Development Program curriculum?

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Evaluation Questions to Systems Methods

The powerpoint and background material for the session entitled Fitting the Key to the Lock. It includes the powerpoint, the full set of handouts plus one page descriptions of the methods. The questions themselves are a work in progress and feedback very welcome #complex #Systems ...

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Focus Search - It addresses the following questions : • What would it be like, if the problem suddenly disappeared?

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Monitoring and evaluation of scale up within health systems

Presentation and related publications on scaling up a reproductive health innovation, using a systems oriented approach, based on a 5 year prospective study in five countries. #scaleupME #evaluationofcomplexsystems #healthinnovations

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Focus Search - The ultimate goal in scaling up a health innovation is to create significant outcomes that address a significant problem at large scale