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Eval12 Session 112: Evaluating a Moving Target - Early Lessons Learned From the Community Alliance Against Violence (CAAV) Project

Slides from each of three presenters: Tracy Hobson: CAAV description; Role of evaluation in program and fund development; Evaluation partnership Anita Baker: Evaluation design, evaluation partnership Jamie Bassell: First year findings, features and challenges; how CAAV has...

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Focus Search - COMMUNITY ALLIANCE AGAINST VIOLENCE  Evaluation Report, 2011‐2012      EXECUTIVE SUMMARY      Submitted To:  THE CENTER FOR ANTI‐VIOLENCE EDUCATION                  Submitted By:  Anita M. 

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Eval10 Session 900: Process Evaluation of an Immersive Learning Experience for Grades K-4 Youth

The new simulator for early elementary age youth builds on the success of the existing Challenger Learning Center simulator, which has served more than 100,000 students and teachers. The evaluation summarizes the results of a process approach that documented the planning, design, development, and implementation strategies from the assessment of facilities for restructuring to designing lighting, furniture, program activities, and the scenario context


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Eval12 Session 634: Our Seven-Year Journey to Create and Maintain a Culture of Learning and Evaluation in a Multi-service Non-profit Organization

One of the organization's internal evaluators shared: 1) How our roles have changed to respond to the organization’s evolving needs, 2) Our strategies for producing relevant information for all stakeholders, from funders to the Board of Directors to the program recipients themselves, and 3) Our methods of building evaluation capacity so that we’re partnering with program staff through the evaluation lifecycle rather than making decisions on their behalf