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Eval11 Session 974: Research On Evaluation - Anytime, Anywhere, Evaluation Ethics DO Matter

This presentations provides an international comparison of evaluation ethical challenges identified by evaluation communities in Canada, United States and Australia. While the dialogue around evaluation ethical challenges has been quieter in Canada, the presentation will highlight results from a 2010 national survey of Canadian evaluators. These will be analyzed against a backdrop of findings from other national surveys – members of the American Evaluation Association (1993; 2009) and the Australasian Evaluation Society (2003). Based on these findings, the authors (Heather Buchanan and Wayne MacDonald) argue for a more proactive agenda for the Canadian Evaluation Society to support the needs and challenges of its members in dealing with ethical challenges

AEA conference Evaluation Ethics Nov 5 2011 v62.pdf

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Eval11 Session 204: The International Response to the Canadian Evaluation Society's (CES) Professional Designations Program

The CES Professional Designation process is the first established program in the world by a professional association to credential evaluators, an important next step in evaluation's continuing development as a profession. Jean King, one of the authors of the Essential Competencies for Program Evaluators upon which the CES credentialing is based, will reflect on this development

King CES Response PPT, 10-11.pptx