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Helping Others Catch the Vision of Program Evaluation (AEA 2014 Conference)

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Focus Search - I’ll use framework and examples from public health, but you can apply these ideas to any field

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Eval12 Session 688: Comprehensive Perspectives for State Partnerships (all presentations represented)

Finally, a description of a capacity building response to partnership evaluation is presented, a recent addition to the Learning and Growing through Evaluation Guide for asthma programs

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Focus Search - Benefits of Partnership Evaluation  Facilitates development and strengthens partnerships • Association for the Study and Development of Community Initiatives, 2001  Assists with the creation of better strategies • Goodman, 1998; Butterfoss and Francisoo, 2004  Provides information on coalition effectiveness and outcomes • CHEST Foundation, 2006 Learning from State Asthma Partners  Reporting  Evaluation Technical Assistance Utilization Focused Evaluation  Source of Information  Purpose  Procedures Criteria for High Utility of Evaluation in Partnership  Targeting indicators at different levels of the partnership  Infrastructure, Intervention, Health Indicators  Documentation of how evaluation data used in partnership  Past or Current Partnership Assessment 9=High, 20=Medium, 7=Low Partnership Development Formation Implementation Maintenance Institutionalization E E E E E Factors Associated with Increased Use of Evaluation Discussion  Surprising Findings • Mixed methods, definition of evaluation capacity building  Lessons Learned • Underreporting  Next Steps • Exploring medium use of evaluation, confirmation of themes Implications for Field  Building evaluation into framework of partnerships • Evaluation champions and structures for evaluation oversight (Volkov & King, 2006, Preskill & Russ-Eft, 2004)  Advancing partnership evaluation • Interorganizational outcomes (low hanging fruit) (Butterfoss, 2007)  Tracking emergent and changing realities • Repeated assessments (Patton, 1997) References  Alter, C. & Hage, J. (1993)

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Evaluating a Tribal In-Home Asthma Assessment Project

This is a poster for Evaluation 2013. The poster includes a logic model, evaluation questions, methods, and results from an in-home asthma assessment project in a tribal community