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Valuing What Matters: Using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology in international development programs

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a methodology used to understand and assess the value of the social, economic and environmental outcomes created by an activity or an organization. SROI is centered on beneficiary engagement where project stakeholders identify outcomes and the relative values of those outcomes. International development programs often struggle to understand the value of their work to those the serve and donors are increasingly asking for evidence of this value through various cost-effectiveness measures

SROI panel AEA Pact 29 Oct 2016 external.pdf

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Designed for Learning: Engaging Funders and Grantees in Pursuit of Meaningful Measures

In an environment that is crowded with generic organizational effectiveness assessment tools and frameworks, how can we design a rigorous learning and assessment system that reflects a funder’s values and resonates with both the foundation and its grantees?

Designed for Learning_AEA 2016.pdf

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Evaluating Our Way to Smarter Organizations

This paper outlines a step-by-step process for designing evaluations that bring value-for-money, ensure that funders are evaluating what matters, clarify desired outcomes of strategies and program designs, and are embedded in social sector organizations


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Power Point presentation Establishing Outputs to Impacts: Are We Miracle Workers? Anne Markiewicz and Ian Patrick

Power Point presentation for Roundtable at AEA Friday 18th October 8-9.30am #PowerPointforRountableatAEA201318Oct

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CQI: Putting The Power Of Data Back Into The Hands of Programs

AEA 2015 Conference Presentation (Session 2036) by Volunteers of America Los Angeles #Collaborative,ParticipatoryandEmpowermentEval #InternalEvaluation #VOALA #HumanServicesEvaluation #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation #2015Conference #2015AEAConference

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Focus Search - Traditional Empowerment External Internal Expert Coach or Critical Friend Dependency Self- determination & Capacity Building Independent Judgement Collaboration What do participants value? How can we use what our participants value to become more effective?

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Eval 2016: Mapping Sponsored Collaborations

Presentation from panel session entitled, Mapping Collaboration: Identifying Past, Present, and Future Partnerships. #Eval2016 #Collaboration #AEA2016Conference #CTSA #mapping

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