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Eval11 Session 528: Evaluating Evidence-based Guidelines

- - - Presenters: Stephanie Herbers, Center for Tobacco Policy Research, Washington University; Nicole Kuiper, CDC Office on Smoking and Health; Martha Engstrom, CDC Office on Smoking and Health #Mixed-Methods #Cluster,Multi-SiteandMulti-LevelEval #2011Conference #SocialNetworkAnalysis #Tobacco

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Eval10 Session 899: Policy evaluation and public health: Multifaceted approaches and examples from the field.

Two presentations that were part of session 899 at the 2010 AEA Conference. Evaluating smoke-free policies: a clear view AND Indicators for tobacco control policy evaluation. #EvaluationUse #HealthEvaluation #2010Conference #GovernmentEvaluation #policy

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Focus Search - sid=a9e333 e3-a4c2-4868-8d91-db46a4b67029  Changes in knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs: 2004 – TM Examples - Others  Impact (public support, compliance, air quality, economic impact) – New Zealand –  Medicaid coverage – Massachusetts – 1%2Fjournal.pone.0009770  Public support and economic impact – Texas – ndhand_smoke/case_study_texas/overview/ TM Model Policies and Technical Assistance  Public Health Law and Policy – achieve-your-policy-goals  Tobacco Policy Project/State Legislated Actions on Tobacco Issues (SLATI) –  Tobacco Control Legal Consortium – o-control-legal-consortium TM Evaluation Toolkit for Smoke-Free Policies condhand_smoke/evaluation_toolkit/index.htm TM Key Outcome Indicators for Evaluating Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs s/surveillance_evaluation/key_outcome/index.htm TM QUESTIONS?