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Climbing the Accountability Mountain: Four INGOs' experiences implementing participatory reflection processes

The panel took a comparative case study approach, presenting four distinct reflection and learning processes used by international INGOs (Oxfam America, ActionAid, ChildFund, and Mercy Corps). Through sharing of practical experiences and organizational assessments, the presenters explored the theoretical and practical dimensions of participatory reflection and learning processes in terms of methods, successes, and challenges

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Teaching-Learning Model Development in Nursing for the Elderly by Co-operative Learning and Learning Facilitator's Competence based on Knowledge Management in BS Nursing Students.

The purpose of this research was to develop and investigate the effectiveness of the co-operative learning and learning facilitator's competence based on knowledge management construction model. The researchers (Assist.Prof.Cathareeya Rattanawimol, Intira Pakanta, and others, Faculty of Nursing,...


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CBD037: Photo Journaling for Evaluation - David Urias & Olga Pierrakos

Handouts for this Coffee Break Webinar are attached and publicly downloadable. Click here to access a recording of this coffee break webinar. Webinar recordings are available to AEA members only and you will be asked to sign in. Webinar Description: Have you heard about photo...

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Focus Search - LEVEL 4: METACOGNITIVE Participants demonstrate an examination of the learning process: showing what learning occurred, how learning occurred, and how newly acquired knowledge or learning altered existing knowledge

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Understanding Technology Literacy: A framework for evaluating educational technology integration.

paper presented at AEA2009 in the Emerging Models and Concepts in Educational Program Evaluation session This paper outlines a framework of technological literacy designed to helps us understand, evaluate, and promote technology integration. #DistanceEdandOtherEducationalTech ...

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Eval13 Session 718: Evaluative Thinking: Principles and Practices to Enhance Evaluation Capacity and Quality

In her 2007 presidential address to AEA, Hallie Preskill asked, "how do we build the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations to think evaluatively and engage in evaluation practice?" Evaluative thinking (ET) is mentioned with increasing frequency in the evaluation literature-...

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