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Performance Evaluation as a Distinct Hybrid Form of Research Methods

This includes two meta-data issues: Process Management ((the method of the “business process”) includes the management using participatory evaluation of a process-based chain of events leading to desired outcome(s)) and Research Metrics (a solid grounding in the “facts” about whether there is progress towards desired goals)

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Moving Beyond Learning: The Evaluative Organization Imperative

Introduction to the evaluative organization concept and the differences between a learning organization and an evaluative organization. Presented by Dr. Wes Martz in Session 530. Paper available on request. #2009Conference #Evaluation2009 #OrganizationalLearningandEvalCapacityBuilding ...


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Farmbook and 5 SKills Set: Approaches for training, Agribusiness and M&E

Describes how Catholic Relief Services uses ICT to support farmers in the field through building farm agents' capacity in the 5 skills to supporting farmer organizations in understand their costs, loans needs, and profits through Farmbook. #5SkillsSet #CatholicReliefServices #Agriculture ...

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South African National Evaluation System

This is a set of documents on the South African evaluation system. It includes the National Evaluation Policy Framework, National Evaluation Plans, Standards, Competencies and Guidelines. Evaluation Update is a two monthly update on progress with evaluations. #SystemsinEvaluation ...

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Session 847 Evolution of Evaluation in INGOs

Case study of the strategies that led to the strengthening of Design, Monitoring and Evaluation in CARE during 12 years Jim Rugh headed that work, plus brief annexes from CRS, Save and American Red Cross. #evaluation #in #2009Conference #Session #Evaluation2009 #847 ...

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Evaluation 2009 Conference Program

PDF of the Evaluation 2009 Program, sans covers due to size, as it went to print. #2009Conference #Communications #program #Evaluation2009 #Communications #Conference