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What Drives Evaluation Practice: The CGIAR Experience

PowerPoint presentation on the history of evaluation practice in the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), presented at Evaluation 2009, Session 847 #2009Conference #Evaluation2009 #EvaluationUse #Session #InternationalandCross-CulturalEval #847

History of evaln in CGIAR-AEA-11-14-09.ppt

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Developing and Using Evaluation Checklists to Improve Evaluation Practice

Overview of developing and validating evaluation checklists presented by Wes Martz, Nadini Persaud, and Daniela Schroeter. Session 423 GS&NE business meeting presentation. #GraduateStudentandNewEvaluators #EvaluationUse #validatingchecklists #checklists #Evaluation2009 ...

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Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice (2008 AEA Presidential Address Transcript)

This is an edited transcript of the 2008 AEA Presidential Address that integrates the text of the talk with the powerpoint slides. #EvaluationPolicy #Conference #2008

Evaluation Policy and Practice Presentation Edited Transcript.pdf

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Using the Guiding Principles to Improve Your Evaluation Practice Slides and Handouts from SI10

Session Description: The Guiding Principles for Evaluators focus on five areas of evaluation practice: systematic inquiry, competence, integrity and honesty, respect for people, and responsibilities for general and public welfare

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Eval16_From Process Mapping to Intake Doc: Devise Customized Tools that Connect Evaluation Practice to Services Delivered

Evaluation consultants run small businesses, yet most have little to no experience. Typically, we are social scientists by trade who need to build our business muscle. This skill building workshop guides participants in developing tools to simplify and automatize business processes. We’ll sketch...

Process Mapping-Intake Doc_Presentation_AEA 2016_notes.pdf