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Select OL-ECB presentations representing a range of topics, themes, and presentation types at Evaluation 2013, 2014, & 2015:






Evaluation 2015

Dabbling in the data

Corey Newhouse & Stephanie Kong


Approaches to develop tools that spur evaluative thinking in cancer prevention and control programs

Angela R. Moore, Behnoosh Momin, & Aundrea D. Carter


Did we learn anything?: Leveraging the evaluation to drive organizational learning

Sebastian Lemire, Lana Rucks, Sheri Chaney Jones, & Mads Teisen


International evaluation capacity development: Teaching, supporting, and fostering evaluation across cultures

Jeanette Treiber, Robin Kipke, Catherine Dizon, & Jorge Andres


Culturally relevant and adaptive ECB: Principles, practices, measures

Erin Malcolm, Natalie Cook, & Sopheap Taing




Evaluation 2014

Evaluation Capacity Building in a Complex Adaptive System

Amy Grack-Nelson & Frances Lawrenz


Thinking About Thinking: Using Metacognition to Improve Program Evaluation

Rhonda Jones


Does Strategic Learning Make a Difference? Participants Weigh In on the Impact of Strategic Learning on Organizations and Strategies

Jewlya Lynn, Phillip Chung, Eliana Mastrangel, & Carolyn Cohen


What are some of the best approaches for evaluation capacity building in international settings?

Naoko Hosaka & Maurya West Meiers


Making a Vision into a Sustainable Reality: Building a New Culturally Competent Professional Organization in Alaska

Corrie Whitmore, Iris Matthews, Alda Norris, & Alexandra Hill




Evaluation 2013

Reframing: The Fifth Value of Evaluators' Communities of Practice

Patricia Jessup, Leslie Goodyear, Marah Moore, Beverly Parsons, Veronica Thomas, Karen Peterman, & Ginger Fitzhugh


Using the Evaluation Questions Checklist to Improve Practice

Maureen Wilce, Sarah Gill, & Sheri Disler


Evaluation Capacity Building With the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), Philippines

Janet Clinton, Julie Elliott, Timoci O'Connor, & Amy Gullickson


Inviting Clients Into "Our Tent": How to Prepare and Lead a Strategic Learning Debrief

Carolyn Cohen, Jewlya Lynn, Hallie Preskill, Phillip Chung, Kathy Burgoyne


"Data-Driven" but who is in the Driver's Seat? Building and Sustaining Organizational Data Capacity

Hilary Loeb, Kelly Bay-Meyer, Shamsah Ebrahim, & Ann Jensen