Welcome to the Democracy and Governance Thematic Interest Group (DG TIG)!

The DG TIG is a community of monitoring and evaluation specialists who work within the sector of Democracy and Governance.  The interventions we work to evaluate and support focus on the promotion and support of human rights, freedom and democratic governance around the world.  This TIG website is meant to serve as a forum for communication, learning, mutual support and professional development among members of the TIG as well as those interested in understanding the successes, challenges and lessons learned from evaluation of DG programs and policies.

DG TIG Resources

Some of the TIG's common topics of discussion and interaction might include:

  • New trends in M&E and how they might be applied to our sector
  • Best practices for evaluation of DG programs
  • Common challenges and advice on how to work around them

Check in on the DG TIG's website for:

  • Announcements 
  • Call for proposals and details related to proposals sought by the TIG
  • An overview of the 2020 AEA conference program
  • Member profiles
  • Upcoming activities supported by the DG TIG