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The Crime and Justice TIG focuses on performance measurement and evaluation in the areas of criminal and juvenile justice, including:


Law Enforcement



Corrections (including probation, parole and reentry)

Juvenile Justice

Victims Issues and Services

Crime Prevention

Domestic Preparedness


We welcome evaluators with interests in any of these areas, including evaluators working in social services that interface with the justice system. We strongly encourage and welcome interdisciplinary collaboration between the justice, public health and education communities.


Through an on-line resource list, sponsored sessions at the annual conference, networking and other activities, the Crime and Justice TIG strives to:


Provide forums for evaluators to share ideas and information,

Promote interdisciplinary collaboration,

Enhance the knowledge and skills of evaluators working on crime and justice issues,

Raise the visibility and credibility of evaluation among criminal and juvenile justice policy makers and practitioners,

Promote the use of science to inform crime control policy and practice,

Promote the use of evaluation as a tool for enhancing justice and improving lives.

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