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Support and Preparation in Computer Science for Black Female Scholars: Black Girls for Computing in Alabama (aka Legacy) 

12-03-2019 10:09

Black women comprise just 3% of the computing workforce (Ashcroft et al., 2016) -  likely the result of having dual marginalized identities leading to unique challenges to success in CS (Crenshaw, 1991). The intersection of race and gender results in structural, cultural, social and psychological barriers to technology access, education, and career opportunities for black women (Google & Gallup 2016; Scott et al., 2017). Culturally responsive teaching and STEM career development can powerfully support success in CS for young black women, leading to higher learning potentials than traditional teaching (Gay, 2010).  The LEGACY project (ITEST, 2018) has begun preparing young black women from Alabama for the AP CS Principles course, while providing career development education. We will discuss the ways in which our Scholars are engaging with learning opportunities and utilizing the various cultural and educational supports provided through LEGACY, as well as the impact of exposure to black women thought leaders.

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