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Informed Professional Judgment: A Guide to Evaluation in Post-Secondary Education.

By Leila Martini posted 05-03-2016 16:43

I am looking for this article. Does anyone have a PDF they could send me?
Thank you!
Informed Professional Judgment: A Guide to Evaluation in Post-Secondary Education.
Roe, Ernest; McDonald, Rod
A guide to evaluating teaching, courses, and programs of study is presented. Basic considerations in planning and conducting evaluations in higher education are reviewed, including information sources, methods, and data reporting. The processes of self-evaluation by teachers and evaluation by colleagues and students are examined. Sources of information for evaluating course units are identified, along with over 100 questions that could be asked during the evaluation. Suggestions for conducting evaluations when time and effort are limited are also offered. Sample evaluation instruments are provided, including assessment grids and a checklist for a modular course unit. Sources of information for evaluating programs of study and teaching in general are also specified, and sample instruments are presented, including an interview schedule for graduates of the social work course, a lecture questionnaire, and a form for the assessment of teaching ability. Exercises that were used in a series of workshops on evaluative skills cover course unit approval for a journalism course and an environmental chemistry course. Examples of evaluation reports for journalism, anthropology, and surgery courses are included. Jerome A. Winston's guidelines for planning data analysis in evaluative studies are also provided. (SW)
University of Queensland Press, 5 South Union Street, Lawrence, MA 01843 ($37.50).