Welcome to the Arts, Culture, and Museums 
Topical Interest Group!

The goal of our TIG has been to support and strengthen the evaluation of arts, humanities, and science programs, practices, and visitor participation. The programs that we evaluate occur across a wide variety of contexts including schools, universities, cultural organizations, museums, libraries, zoos, aquariums, community centers, and parks.

Our overall vision is to broaden the types of work featured by this TIG, to acknowledge the political vantage points that are embedded in any approach, and to collectively unpack what relationships we see between arts and culture evaluation as well as larger systems of racial capitalism. With this vision, we hope to include a more radical politic, as well as a more diverse and inclusive set of people doing this work. 

Meet our Co-Chairs! 

Justin Laing, MPM (he/him) 

In his work as the Principal consultant of Hillombo LLC, Justin has worked with organizations to support their constituents in the learning and application of the work of Paulo Friere and Pedagogy of the Oppressed, planning that marks a neighborhood as a space for Black liberatory culture and people, learning projects that reduce an orchestra’s reliance and reproduction of White privilege, the creation of collectively agreed-upon benchmarks of antiracism in an arts college, evaluating funding programs with a critical race lens or designing and teaching a series of workshops on pro-BIPOC funding for arts grantmakers. Visit hillombo.net to learn more. 

Marcel W. Foster, MPH (they/them) 

Marcel is an arts and health focused evaluator, and serves as the Research & Evaluation Associate for the Jameel Arts & Health Lab at New York University. They bring a unique background in cultural anthropology; professional experience as a choreographer, director, dancer, and actor; and public health consultant. In addition to work with NYU, Marcel teaches research and evaluation methods to graduate students with the Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida and is a co-founder of Performance Hypothesis, LLC. Visit performhy.com to learn more. 

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