Welcome to the OL-ECB TIG website.

In 2015, the OL-ECB leadership team conducted a membership survey to learn more about people who choose to affiliate with the OL-ECB TIG, the needs they have within this topic area, and mechanisms they would use to get their needs met.  We learned many things, including:

  • Most TIG members are seasoned evaluators who are still looking for support;
  • Among many needs, TIG members are challenged by the diverse needs/targeted populations, limited time and resources, and garnering organizational leadership support for evaluation;
  • Members are looking to the TIG as a source of professional development and a place to network during the annual conference;
  • And lastly, TIG members would most likely utilize a newsletter format or the TIG website to meet their needs.

To learn more about our member survey and view the full report, click here.

We look forward to seeing you at AEA 2016 in Atlanta, GA in October!  

 -Sal, Tom, Erin, Angela, Joe, Jeff, & Katy