Internal Evaluation TIG

Purpose Statement
The purpose of the Internal Evaluation TIG is to provide a forum for networking, community building, learning, and professional development for those interested in internal evaluation in a wide variety of settings – organizations and partnerships, nonprofits and for-profits, governmental agencies and NGO, national and international milieus.
The Internal Evaluation TIG strives to:
  • Develop and sponsor AEA conference sessions related to internal evaluation
  • Promote effective practices of internal evaluation in organizations
  • Promote sharing professional information related to internal evaluation
  • Contribute to the development of theoretical frameworks and successful practices for internal evaluation

Internal Evaluation Presentations at AEA 2018

Internal Evaluation TIG-sponsored 2018 AEA Conference Presentations

Checklists: Useful tools for Managing Complex Evaluation Processes

Collaborating with Millennials in the Internal Evaluation Process

Discovering Truth While Sailing Out To SEA-Support Evaluation Activities: An internal voyage at MaineHealth Corporate to evaluate individual and departmental needs for using program evaluation.

Implementing, Organizing, and Disseminating Data from a Decision-Oriented Evaluation

Learning from our challenges to create a shared language: internal evaluation

Managing Millennials: Myths, Mistakes, and Musts

Perceptions of advising for new math pathways: Exploring the legacy of traditional developmental education

Using Collective Impact 3.0 Framework for Internal Evaluations and Capacity Building: Big Mistake or Bad Idea?

Power in Internal Evaluation: The evaluators’ responsibilities to staff, programs, and external evaluators

Which truth wins? Who decides? Internal evaluation, external evaluation, community-based participatory evaluation and the truth.

Exploring the Dynamics of Truth and Power in Internal and External Evaluations

When words matter: improving survey questions to reflect reality of ultra-poor women's experience

Working Remotely as Part of an Evaluation Team

Greater than the Sum of Our Parts: A Process for Collaborative Instrument Development

How to Institutionalize Rapid Feedback Evaluation (RFE) into a Program Life Cycle for Internal Quality Improvement and Knowledge Translation

ZOOM! – An Interactive Game to Take the Mystery and Fear Out of Internal Evaluation

Assessing Post-Discharge Outcomes at a Child and Family Multiservice Agency

"Slack”-ing Towards Collaboration

Complex Cases and Contribution Courts: using the ABC Framework to develop robust and compelling change narratives

Ensuring Program Success and Valuing Voices: How do Fast-paced, Data-driven Organizations Balance the Needs of Evaluation, Research, Marketing, Business Analytics, and the Voices of Beneficiaries & Partners?

Lessons from the Inside: Building Evaluation Capacity within Legal Aid Organizations

Automating Data Validation and Collection Using Excel and RedCap

Lone wolf evaluators in nonprofits: Creating and refining evaluation processes

Internal Evaluators as Mediators: Tips and Tools for Bridging the Gap Between Program and Third-Party Researchers

An Experiment Diversifying the Biomedical Workforce through Grant Writing Coaching Groups

Practical application of a Data Driven Review process


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