Welcome to the Independent Consulting (IC) TIG Site!

Welcome to the Independent Consulting (IC) Topical Interest Group (TIG) website! Our firms put evaluation into practice. We are sole proprietors, or have formed limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, or corporations. Some of us have staff. Others work alone. Others hire sub-contractors for projects on an "as needed" basis. We inform one another of contract leads at times and seek one another out to join forces in completing contracts. We're great at networking. Our backgrounds are as varied as most of AEA. What we share in common is collegial and friendly support of one another as independent evaluators.


Core Interests

* Maintaining evaluation quality in solo work
* Establishing a successful consulting business
* Learning to expand or contract resources as needed
* Promoting one’s consulting practice
* Establishing productive partnerships that widen work options
* Establishing and expanding areas of expertise