Leadership Positions

IC TIG Leadership Positions


3 Year Term

Upon election, this is the first year of three years of service, with the Chair-Elect agreeing to serve in the second year as Chair and in the third year as Outgoing Chair. As Chair-Elect, he/she serves as secretary and supports the Chair. As Chair, he/she is the chief executive officer, sets the agendas for and presides at the monthly leadership team meetings and the annual business meeting, and has general responsibility for conducting the affairs of the IC TIG. The Outgoing Chair provides organizational memory, serves to counsel the Chair and Chair-Elect, and continues or arranges for continuation of TIG activities that were initiated under his/her role as Chair, as appropriate.

Program Chair

2 Year Term

The Program Co-Chairs are responsible for delivering a complete program of TIG-sponsored conference sessions to the annual conference. They receive all of the proposals submitted directly to the TIG, put out a call for volunteer reviewers, and work with a committee to facilitate proposal reviews, decisions, and the conference program. One Program Co-Chair is elected annually to a two year term. So, the person elected for 2023, will be working with a co-chair who helped put together the program for 2022. This ensures that there is always one senior and one junior program co-chair to preserve continuity and programmatic memory. 

Social Media Chair

1 Year Term

The Social Media Chair is responsible for coordinating social media based communication among members (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, discussion group). While technology applications can expand and change, the premise is to coordinate the electronic dissemination and communication of topics relevant to independent consultants. This individual can identify other individuals to assist in these endeavors (e.g., Content Creators) to ensure regular electronic communication. The Social Media Chair coordinates with the Newsletter/Web Media Chair to communicate with the IC TIG members. 

Newsletter/Web Media Chair

1 Year Term

The Newsletter/Web Media Chair is responsible for communicating with members through the coordination of a TIG newsletter and the AEA-based IC TIG web portal. The premise is to utilize the newsletter to communicate topics relevant to independent consultants and post to the IC TIG web portal. This individual can also collaborate with other individuals on issues such as newsletter layout and website management. The Newsletter/Web Media Chair coordinates with the Social Media Chair to communicate with the IC TIG members.