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Join us at Evaluation 2015!

Conference: November 9-14, 2015
Professional Development Workshops: November 9-11 & 14, 2015

There are many ways to get involved in AEA, network with other evaluators, and foster your professional development through the GSNE TIG. 

You could serve as the GSNE TIG co-chair or program chair, contribute to the AEA365 blog, join and post on the GSNE facebook group:, and join the peer-mentoring program:  Also, be sure to officially join the GSNE TIG and check out our TIG website:

This year, we’ll be selecting a co-chair and program chair at the AEA conference GSNE TIG business meeting Thur. Nov 12th @ 7:15-8:45pm

The co-chair positions are 2 year terms.  Your first year, you will serve as a Jr. co-chair as you learn about the responsibilities, timing, and procedures from the 2nd year Sr. co-chair.  For example, I served as Jr. co-chair in 2014, and Kristin Woods was the Sr. co-chair.  For 2015 I served as the Sr. co-chair, and Carolyn Acker is the Jr. co-chair.  If you are elected for 2016-2017, you will become the Jr. co-chair, and Carolyn will guide you as the Sr. co-chair.  The co-chair is responsible for communication between AEA and GSNE TIG members.  The co-chair is also responsible for GSNE TIG activities such as the annual business meeting, peer mentoring program, conference social, TIG website and facebook, GSNE sponsored AEA365 blog posts, and any other activities decided by the leadership and membership.  The co-chair also provides support to the program chair.

Program chair also stays for a 2 year termThe program chair coordinates review and selection of GSNE submissions for the annual AEA meeting.  Most of the work is done using an online system managed by AEA.  You’ll receive training and attend calls regarding this online system.

The co-chairs and program chair are expected to attend the next 2 conferences, which will be on Oct 22-30, 2016 in Atlanta and Nov 8-11, 2017 in Washington DC.  If traveling and expenses could be a hardship, consider volunteering in exchange for reduced registration and/or hotel accommodations.

 For more information about how to get involved, post on the GSNE facebook page or email your TIG leadership:

Catherine Dizon
Carolyn Acker
Paula Adams

You probably all got the email about proposals now being accepted for AEA 2015. We've put together some tips for all of you who are new to the submission process.  If you have questions, just contact your TIG leaders.  

  1. Pick a topic - even better if it's related to that year's theme
  2. Pick a TIG - be prepared to network with that TIG to see if they need anything special to present
  3. Pick a session type - which one works best for what you are doing?
  4. Fill out the abstract in a word document and paste it into the right field - be sure to get the questions from the TIG because they can be different across TIGs.

Other info about submitting to the GSNE TIG:

  • Submit to the GSNE TIG only if your proposal is specifically relevant to graduate students and new evaluators. The first thing TIG leaders do in the proposal review process is to review all proposals for relevance to their TIG. If a proposal does not appear to be relevant, TIG leaders will re-assign the submission to another TIG. If you want your proposal to be reviewed by the GSNE TIG, it’s best to be explicit in your submission about how your presentation is relevant for graduate students and new evaluators. You can contact the GSNE TIG program co-chair, Paula Adams, if you have questions about this process.