Disaster and Emergency Management Evaluation



Welcome to the Disaster and Emergency Management Evaluation Topical Interest Group!

The mission of the Disaster and Emergency Management Evaluation (DEME) Topical Interest Group (TIG) is to facilitate communication and support professional monitoring and evaluation activities that enhance disaster and emergency preparedness, response, and recovery through sharing of evaluation approaches, issues, practices, concepts, and theories related to disaster and emergency management. The DEME TIG is intended to be national and international in scope, fostering a global dialogue. 

We welcome your support in expanding and diversifying this dialogue! Please feel free to browse through this page for more information or participate in discussions through the community egroups. We also invite you to join our effort by sharing information about our TIG with others within and beyond the evaluation community. We are still growing, and hope to increase our membership each year.  With your help, we can!

Get Involved


There are several opportunities to participate in the DEME TIG.  

First, members may become part of the leadership. 

Second, members are invited to contribute to the website.  If you have resources, please send those to one of the current chairs, and we will add them to the Resource section. 

, we have established a discussion egroup so that we can begin to exchange ideas and respond to questions from the membership.  If you have expertise in a particular area, or have questions, we welcome you to contribute!