TIG Leadership

Introducing your TIG leadership...
Brian Yates photo

Brian Yates
TIG Chair

American University
Department of Psychology
Washington, DC


Nadini Persaud photo
Nadini Persaud
TIG Program Chair

University of the West Indies
Department of Management Studies
St. Michael, BARBADOS

Ruqayyah Abu-Obaid photo
Ruqayyah Abu-Obaid
TIG Program Co-Chair

Western Michigan University
The Evaluation Center
Kalamazoo, MI


Leadership Roles and Terms

The TIG has three leadership roles. The volunteers holding these offices are responsible for the operations and activities of the TIG for their term of office. Each role has a three-year term. The current term began in January 2022 and will end in December 2024. Please note that all roles can be filled by a single person or two people serving as "co-chairs" for the position.

In addition to the responsibilities below, all members of the leadership team attend internal TIG leadership team meetings, the quarterly TIG calls, and the TIG leader breakfast during the AEA annual conference.

TIG Chair (or Co-chairs)

Responsible for the general administration of the TIG and acts as a liaison between the TIG and AEA. The Chair collaborates with the other TIG Leadership Team members to develop an agenda for the Annual Business Meeting that is held during the AEA Conference. In addition, they preside at all TIG meetings, including internal TIG Leadership calls and the Annual Business Meeting.

TIG Program Chair (or Co-chairs)

Responsible for coordinating the TIG's selection of presentations at the AEA Annual Meeting. The Program Chair oversees the peer review process, including confirming volunteer reviewers, managing proposal submissions and reviews, and developing an initial conference program for review by AEA Conference Organizers. Additionally, the Program Chair attends the annual AEA Business Meeting.

Website Coordinator (or Co-coordinators)

Responsible for updating the website with upcoming events/meeting dates as well as posting recordings/notes from TIG-hosted events/meetings.