2019 Update

Update March 2020

Dear APC TIG members:

We’re happy to announce the election of Kat Athanasiades (Center for Evaluation Innovation) and Sarah Stachowiak (ORS Impact) as co-chairs of the APC TIG and Rhonda Schlangen (independent evaluation consultant) as a program co-chair, joining Zsuzsanna Lippai (Open Society Foundations).

Thank you to the 86 of 421 APC TIG members who replied to the online election survey. We view that level of participation as a great success! It’s certainly meaningful progress for inclusion, compared to the previous method of voting in-person among those who were able to attend the TIG business meeting at the annual AEA conference.

We’re also grateful to the other outstanding candidates we had for program co-chair. There will be many ways to engage with the TIG beyond these leadership positions – starting with 2020 proposal review. We invite everyone to volunteer for that right now. (See related article).

With this election, we say goodbye – in TIG leadership only - to Jared Raynor (TCC Group), Robin Kane (RK Evaluation & Strategies, LLC), and Anne Gienapp (ORS Impact). Thank you all for connecting the TIG with AEA overall, delivering great content through the conferences and newsletters, and leading meaningful conversations about our work.

Please reach out to the APC TIG leaders to get involved in the following ways:

  • Review - email the program-cochair if you want to volunteer to review 2020 conference proposals 
  • Share - send us new resources to include in the newsletter to share with TIG members


Mission Statement

The Advocacy and Policy Change Topical Interest Group exists to provide a forum for communication, learning, mutual support and professional development for those interested in evaluating broadly defined advocacy and policy activities.  The Advocacy and Policy Change Topical Interest Group (TIG) within the American Evaluation Association (AEA) was launched in 2007 and is now the second-fastest-growing TIG, with over 800 members and a steady growth in the presentations allotted to it at AEA’s annual meetings.

Some of our many areas of interest include:

  • Methodology for evaluating within the complexities of the policy environment
  • Inter-governmental, national (for all countries), state and local advocacy and policy activities
  • Specific approaches for discrete advocacy activities (community organizing, media outreach, coalition and network building, lobbying, legal action, research, etc.)

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