AEA Conference YFE Sessions

See the list below for current and past YFE TIG sessions at AEA conferences:

Most session names link to the conference website where you can view more information about the session, including presenters and abstracts. Have fun!

AEA 2019 TIG Sessions

2230:Measuring Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for Youth Learners: Which Assessment Approach is Best?

2912:Shifting Locations of Power: Youth Voice, Leadership and Skill Building in CBPR Projects

1365:Climbing Hart's ladder of participation: A sampling of methods for engaging youth in evaluation

1401:Connected Youth Initiative: A Collaborative Evaluation Study of Well-Being in Rural Nebraska

2628:Evaluating alternative education models to reach out-of-school children

1944:Fostering Healthy Habits for Youth and their Adult Mentors in a Community-Based Mentoring Program

3017:Multi-Level Participatory Evaluations: Local Examples of Young People Leading Evaluation and Research in their Communities

1680:Setting a Positive Youth Development Learning Agenda: Using a Learning Agenda to Mobilize a Global Community

1063:The Future of Youth Program Evaluation: Tools for Linking Program Quality with Youth Outcomes

1524:The Role of Monitoring and Evaluation in Young Girl Leadership Development: A Case of 200 young girls in the Sagnurigu and Nanumba districts in Ghana.

2613:Youth-focused evaluation to promote positive sexual health development in culturally-specific programs

1731:Advancing Equitable Development for Youth: Making New Tools for Both Program and Evaluation

2826:Camp as Developmental Context for Specialized Youth Populations: Telling the Evaluation Stories of Three Camps

2665:Engaging Opportunity Youth in Evaluation

1984:From respondents to evaluation practitioners: Engaging youth leaders as a path to renewing the field

1212:Evaluating Data Collection Systems for Youth Programs

2032:Kids Say the Darndest Things: Challenges in Designing and Administering Surveys for Youth

1065:Reflexivity and Ethics of Practice in Youth-Focused Evaluation

1629:Training Youth Researchers from a Global Perspective

2041:Walking the tightrope of data collection: How and how much should we engage youth?

1580:YPAR: Let's Learn and Connect!

YFE2:Youth voice in YFE

YFE3:Real World YFE: Implementation Challenges & Opportunities

YFE1:Participatory YFE Methods

1921:Teen Opinions Count: Engaging Youth Voice Through Group Concept Mapping

2238:Youth Perspectives on Evaluation: Youth Participatory Evaluation in Minneapolis Public Schools

TIGBM60:Youth Focused Evaluation TIG Business Meeting

1963:Youth at the Center at Every Step—From Design to Interpreting and Reporting Results

2644:Lessons learned evaluating a program that seeks the labor inclusion of vulnerable young people in contexts of social violence

1137:Principles + Principles = More Empowered Youth: Using Principles-Focused Evaluation and/or Principles for Collaborative Approaches to Evaluation when Involving Youth in Program Evaluation

YFE4:YFE in global context

AEA 2018 TIG Sessions

AEA 2017 TIG Sessions

1520:Enhancing project implementation: The value of youth-led evaluation 

1179:Meet the Pros: Intermediate Consulting Skill Fair

2971:Strategies for Engaging Youth in Evaluation: From Learning to Action

1528:Youth Participatory Evaluation and Youth Participatory Action Research: Aligned values and misaligned practices?

1915:Amplifying Youth Voice and Igniting Student Centered Learning

2264:Walking through the Data: An Interactive Method for Enhancing Data Utilization among Youth Development Practitioners 

2320:Evaluating Complex Youth Programs: Strategies to Promote Learning and Action

2684:Strengthening child and youth participation in evaluation - A West African case study

2419:Evaluating Access and Assessment for Diverse Populations

2476:Impact in the Moment: Collecting Data on Youth Program Experiences Using ESM

3126:Learning from Youth-led Research and Evaluation

1261:Creating Actionable Insights That Promote Social and Emotional Learning 

YFE3:Youth Voices in Evaluation

2231:Camping by Design

TIGBM57:Youth Focused Evaluation TIG Business Meeting

YFE1:Creative Methods to Enhance Learning from Youth Program Evaluations

1401:Evaluating Trajectories of Youth-Adult Partnerships in Malaysia and United States: Learning from False Starts, Mistakes, and Successes

2362:Learning through Lenses: Fostering a Culture of Learning through Photography

2256:Implementing Effective Youth Participatory Evaluation in a Public School District: Factors Needed for Youth Voice to Drive Institutional and System Impact

1258:Improving Youth Voice in Evaluations: Strategies for Collecting Better Survey Data from Youth

2043:How Can Evaluation Support Participant Engagement and Service Alignment? Examples from Transitional Age Youth Programs

2699:Measuring Positive Youth Development (PYD) Skill-Building Workshop

YFE2:Addressing Complexity in Youth Program Evaluations

2217:An Overview of the Methods, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned to Measuring Youth Leadership Development through the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) program

1208:From Learning to Action: Case Studies in Summer Program and Camp Evaluation