Eval11 Session 887: Measuring Inter-Agency Collaboration and Coordination in First 5 Fresno County: Experiences of Evaluators and Stakeholders in Understanding Systems Change Over Time

11-01-2011 20:54

Session by G. Resnick and O. Arnold. Improvement in the system of care in Fresno County is expected to occur as a result of the funding provided by First 5 Fresno under CA Proposition 10 for services for families and their children from birth through five years of age. To assess systems improvement, a web-based survey for staff and administrators from all funded agencies was conducted over two years. Front line and administrator staff (at least two) from each agency receiving First 5 funds completed Frey's Levels of Collaboration Scale. Year one results showed that service providers are highly connected to each other, but mainly at the level of networking. Some agencies have long-standing relationships with other agencies at the higher levels of coordination and collaboration but other agencies are relatively isolated. Year two results and change over time will also be presented as implications for interpreting these results to assist programs in enhancing collaborations are discussed.

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