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Eval11 Session 820: Novices Evolving Evaluation Values Through Developmental Evaluation

This session involved 3 novices to evaluation presenting mindmaps of their experience comparing Patton's Developmental Evaluation to three other approaches through metaphors of blindmen exploring an elephant, mathematical approximation of complex situations, and various music and dance forms....

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Example Syllabus: Principles and Methods of [Program] Evaluation

An introductory course in program evaluation; planning an evaluation study, collecting and analyzing information, reporting results; overview of the field of program evaluation. #Syllabi


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Example Syllabus: Advanced Seminar in Evaluation Theory, Practice, and Research

Course overview: This seminar will provide students with an advanced understanding of the discipline and profession of evaluation. Students will engage in intensive study of “cutting edge” evaluation topics and core concepts in three areas: evaluation theory, practice, and research. #Syllabi

Advanced Eval Sem.pdf

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Example Program Evaluation/ Proposal Writing Course Syllabi

These are example syllabi created by Dr. Gina Weisblat for her classes on Proposal Writing and Program Evaluation. Course Description: This course will focus on the elements and processes of program planning, proposal writing and program evaluation. The rational for this course is the...

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Example Program Evaluation Course Syllabus

Description of the Course: This course will provide an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of program evaluation in education and other institutional settings. Evaluation models will also be examined. The course will study programs ranging from individual lessons to nationwide...

6373_Syllabus_Spring 2010.doc